Recorder of Deeds Fee Schedule

See CHECK LIST for additional requirements

Base fees:up to 4 pages – each additional page $2.00.
up to 4 names – each additional page $.50.


(Cannot accept more than 5 documents per recording fee check).

Note:Documents such as Satisfactions, Assignments, Releases, Corrections, Etc. may make reference to a prior document that will require a notation. For any notation over one, there will be an additional charge of $2.00 for each notation or associated document.

The Common Level Ratio Real Estate Valuation Factor for Lawrence County for documents accepted from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 is 1.20.

Deeds (in any form)
Corrections, Re-recordings
$82.00+ $10.00 for each Parcel ID#+ Realty Transfer Tax
1% State,  1% Local
If exempt, must file
Statement of Value $2.00

Corrections, Re-recordings
Amendments, Modifications

+ $10.00 for each Parcel ID# 

Mortgages Satisfactions, Releases
Assignments, Subordinations,
Postponements, Releases
Installment Sales Agreements & Memorandums
Leases & Memorandums (30 years or longer)
Rights of Way
$54.00 + $10.00 for each Parcel ID# 

Other documents (but not limited to)
Leases & Memorandums (under 30 years)
Oil & Gas Leases
Condominium Code of Regulations & Declarations of Plans

Other Assignments
Declaration of Taking
Orders of Court
General Agreements
$18.50+ $10.00 for each Parcel ID# 

Powers of Attorney$18.50(add $10.00 for each Parcel ID#
If Power of Attorney is to transfer
specific piece of real estate)

Notary Public Commission and Bond$40.50  
Change of Name$18.50  
Change of Address$18.50  

UCC Secured Transactions$100.00(add $10.00 for each Parcel ID#
if attached to real estate)
Ancillary transactions
i.e. Continuations, Terminations, Assignments
$100.00(add $10.00 for each Parcel ID#
if attached to real estate)

Plans & Maps

Subdivision, Condominium, Condemnation
each extra page




Highway Maps
each extra page

Certified  add
Certified w/blue back  add
By mail – postage & handling

* Parcel ID Certification fee – $10.00 for each Parcel ID# (as per County Ordinance #1 of 2011)

Fee Schedule Pursuant to:
Act 87 of 1982 Legislative Fee Schedule
Act 137 of 1992 Affordable Housing
Act 8 of 1998 Records Improvement Fund
Act 32 of 2002 Records Improvement Fund
Act 122 of 2002 Imposed by Supreme Court – Judicial Computer Program $10.00
Act 49 of 2009 Imposed by Supreme Court – Judicial Computer System/Access to Justice/Criminal
Justice Enhancement Fund – additional $13.50
Act 113 of 2014 Imposed by Supreme Court – Judicial Computer System/Access to Justice/Criminal
Justice Enhancement Fund – additional $2.00
Act 126 of 2014 Imposed by Supreme Court – Judicial Computer System/Access to Justice/Criminal
Justice Enhancement Fund – additional $10.00

Act 137 of 1992 Affordable Housing increase by Ordinance No. 3 of 2016 – additional $3.50

Act 152 of 2016 Demolition Fund – additional $15.00

Check List

  • A signed CERTIFICATE OF RESIDENCE of the Grantee must be on all Deeds and Mortgages.
  • A self-addressed stamped envelope is required for return of document – A $2.00 postage/handling fee will be added if not provided.
  • All real estate documents must have a legal description including the municipality and county where the property is located.
  • If property is located in more than one municipality, it must clearly state the percentage in each municipality so that we can determine the Local Realty Transfer Tax.
  • Parcel ID# is required on all real estate documents. (ordinance 102 of 1989) This number can be obtained from the Lawrence County Assessor’s Office and must be certified prior to recording. There is a $10.00 Parcel ID Certification fee for Each Parcel ID#.
  • Document date must be on or before the acknowledgement date.
  • Acknowledgement must be complete with county, state, date,names of persons appearing, notary signature, notary seal, and legible notary expiration date stamp.
  • Return name and address must clearly appear on the document.
  • If recording more than one document, they must be presented in order of recording.
  • Document number or Book and Page must appear on all documents that refer back to an original document.
  • Correction Documents must include reference to document being corrected and reason for correction. Correction Deeds must also include Statement of Value and copy of Deed being corrected.
  • Re-recording documents must have a new acknowledgement and an explanation as to why they are being re-recorded.
  • This office does not accept: blanket assignments or blanket releases. (Special fees will be required for exceptions).
  • There is a $5.00 REJECTION FEE for all documents that are rejected for recording. A rejection letter will be attached stating the reason.
  • No REFUNDS under $5.00 because of the $5.00 Rejection Fee. Overages will be turned over to the County General Fund at the end of each month.

NOTE: Fees not specifically mentioned on the fee schedule, will be set by Recorder.


Checks payable to and mailing address:

Government Center
430 Court Street
New Castle, PA. 16101