Recorder of Deeds Fee Schedule

See CHECK LIST for additional requirements

Base fees:up to 4 pages – each additional page $2.00.
up to 4 names – each additional page $.50.


(Cannot accept more than 5 documents per recording fee check).

Note:Documents such as Satisfactions, Assignments, Releases, Corrections, Etc. may make reference to a prior document that will require a notation. For any notation over one, there will be an additional charge of $2.00 for each notation or associated document.

Deeds (in any form)
Corrections, Re-recordings
$82.00+ $10.00 for each Parcel ID#+ Realty Transfer Tax
1% State,  1% Local
If exempt, must file
Statement of Value $2.00

Corrections, Re-recordings
Amendments, Modifications

+ $10.00 for each Parcel ID# 

Mortgages Satisfactions, Releases
Assignments, Subordinations,
Postponements, Releases
Installment Sales Agreements & Memorandums
Leases & Memorandums (30 years or longer)
Rights of Way
$54.00 + $10.00 for each Parcel ID# 

Other documents (but not limited to)
Leases & Memorandums (under 30 years)
Oil & Gas Leases
Condominium Code of Regulations & Declarations of Plans

Other Assignments
Declaration of Taking
Orders of Court
General Agreements
$18.50+ $10.00 for each Parcel ID# 

Powers of Attorney$18.50(add $10.00 for each Parcel ID#
If Power of Attorney is to transfer
specific piece of real estate)

Notary Public Commission and Bond$40.50  
Change of Name$18.50  
Change of Address$18.50  

UCC Secured Transactions$100.00(add $10.00 for each Parcel ID#
if attached to real estate)
Ancillary transactions
i.e. Continuations, Terminations, Assignments
$100.00(add $10.00 for each Parcel ID#
if attached to real estate)

Plans & Maps

Subdivision, Condominium, Condemnation
each extra page




Highway Maps
each extra page

Certified  add
Certified w/blue back  add
By mail – postage & handling

* Parcel ID Certification fee – $10.00 for each Parcel ID# (as per County Ordinance #1 of 2011)

Fee Schedule Pursuant to:
Act 87 of 1982 Legislative Fee Schedule
Act 137 of 1992 Affordable Housing
Act 8 of 1998 Records Improvement Fund
Act 32 of 2002 Records Improvement Fund
Act 122 of 2002 Imposed by Supreme Court – Judicial Computer Program $10.00
Act 49 of 2009 Imposed by Supreme Court – Judicial Computer System/Access to Justice/Criminal
Justice Enhancement Fund – additional $13.50
Act 113 of 2014 Imposed by Supreme Court – Judicial Computer System/Access to Justice/Criminal
Justice Enhancement Fund – additional $2.00
Act 126 of 2014 Imposed by Supreme Court – Judicial Computer System/Access to Justice/Criminal
Justice Enhancement Fund – additional $10.00

Act 137 of 1992 Affordable Housing increase by Ordinance No. 3 of 2016 – additional $3.50

Act 152 of 2016 Demolition Fund – additional $15.00

Check List

  • A signed CERTIFICATE OF RESIDENCE of the Grantee must be on all Deeds and Mortgages.
  • A self-addressed stamped envelope is required for return of document – A $2.00 postage/handling fee will be added if not provided.
  • All real estate documents must have a legal description including the municipality and county where the property is located.
  • If property is located in more than one municipality, it must clearly state the percentage in each municipality so that we can determine the Local Realty Transfer Tax.
  • Parcel ID# is required on all real estate documents. (ordinance 102 of 1989) This number can be obtained from the Lawrence County Assessor’s Office and must be certified prior to recording. There is a $10.00 Parcel ID Certification fee for Each Parcel ID#.
  • Document date must be on or before the acknowledgement date.
  • Acknowledgement must be complete with county, state, date,names of persons appearing, notary signature, notary seal, and legible notary expiration date stamp.
  • Return name and address must clearly appear on the document.
  • If recording more than one document, they must be presented in order of recording.
  • Document number or Book and Page must appear on all documents that refer back to an original document.
  • Correction Documents must include reference to document being corrected and reason for correction. Correction Deeds must also include Statement of Value and copy of Deed being corrected.
  • Re-recording documents must have a new acknowledgement and an explanation as to why they are being re-recorded.
  • This office does not accept: blanket assignments or blanket releases. (Special fees will be required for exceptions).
  • There is a $5.00 REJECTION FEE for all documents that are rejected for recording. A rejection letter will be attached stating the reason.
  • No REFUNDS under $5.00 because of the $5.00 Rejection Fee. Overages will be turned over to the County General Fund at the end of each month.

NOTE: Fees not specifically mentioned on the fee schedule, will be set by Recorder.


Checks payable to and mailing address:

Government Center
430 Court Street
New Castle, PA. 16101