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A Juror’s Guide to Jury Duty in Lawrence County
Purpose of the Juror's Guide
Exemptions from Jury Duty
When Receiving a Summons to Appear
Reporting for Jury Duty
Two Types of Cases to be Heard
Jury Selection
The Role of the Juror
The Role of the Judge
The Trial Process
Jury Deliberations
After the Jury Reaches a Verdict


Will I be paid for service as a juror?

Yes, $9.00 per day for the first three days and $25.00 per day thereafter, and mileage for transportation to and from the courthouse. These fees are set by the State Legislature.

What if my employer doesn’t allow me to serve?

The law prohibits any employer from preventing an employee to serve as a juror. The law also prohibits an employer from depriving a juror of benefits because of jury service, such as requiring you to use vacation time to serve.

Is it possible to appear for jury service and not sit on a jury?

Yes, more people are called than actually serve, because it is not always possible to estimate accurately the number of jurors who will be needed to serve each day.

Is my employer required to pay me while I serve as a juror?

If you work for the government, your employer must pay you. If you work in the private sector, your employer does not have to pay you.

How long does the average trial take?

Criminal trials do not usually last longer than two to three days. Generally, civil trials do not last longer than three to four days. However, some trials may last longer.

The Lawrence County Court Administrator will be issuing checks to jurors immediately upon completion of jury duty. This process will help save money by not having to mail the checks to jurors and will also save time so that jurors won’t have to wait for their checks. As an added feature, any juror, that so chooses, may cash their check at the Lawrence County Treasurer’s Office that day.

Thank you for serving as a future juror.

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